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Tiina Kukkonen is a visual artist, arts educator, and researcher. She holds a Ph.D. in Education from Queen's University in Kingston (ON), as well as a M.A. in Child Studies and a B.F.A./B.Ed. in Art Education from Concordia University in Montreal (QC). Her doctoral research focused on the role of intermediary organizations in brokering rural arts education partnerships.

Tiina has taught visual arts in various community and school environments in Quebec and Ontario, and actively participates in arts markets and exhibitions. As a Finnish-Canadian artist, her work primarily explores themes inspired by northern nature, craft, and design.

She currently serves on the executive committee of the Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA) in the role of Director of Provincial Liaison, Social Media, and Advocacy. 


"Nature is not something that can be seen with the eye alone - it lies within the soul, in pictures seen by the inner eye."

Edvard Munch

Art by Tiina Kukkonen
Art by Tiina Kukkonen

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Art by Tiina Kukkonen
Art by Tiina Kukkonen

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Art by Tiina Kukkonen
Art by Tiina Kukkonen

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Art by Tiina Kukkonen
Art by Tiina Kukkonen

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Kukkonen, T. (2020). An ecological model of artist-school partnerships for policy makers and practitioners. Arts Education Policy Review, 12(2), 43-54. doi: 10.1080/10632913.2019.1576150

Kukkonen, T., Bolden, B., & Chang-Kredl, S. (2020). Creative collaboration in young children's playful group drawing. Journal of Creative Behavior, 54(4), 897-911.

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Kukkonen, T., & Chang-Kredl, S. (2018). Drawing as social play: Shared meaning-making in

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Building a Digital Future for Arts and Learning in Canada

Canadian Network for Arts & Learning

Funded by: Canada Council for the Arts

Research & Evaluation Consultant

Arts Education Initiatives

English Language Arts Network

Link: https://www.quebec-elan.org/art-ed/

Research Associate & Co-Author

Transformative Action on Arts Education: Re-invigorating the Seoul Agenda

The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning, The Canadian Commission for UNESCO, and the UNESCO Chair in Arts & Learning

Link: http://unesco.ca/~/media/unesco/unesco/position%20paper.pdf

Project Manager (past)

Building Creative Capacity through Assessment for Learning in the Arts

Lead researcher: Dr. Benjamin Bolden, Queen's University

Funded by: SSHRC

Link: http://benjaminbolden.ca/aflia/

Research Associate (past)

Eduarts Mapping Project

Canadian Network For Arts & Learning

Funded by: The Ontario Trillium Foundation

Link: http://www.eduarts.ca/eduarts-map


Kukkonen, T., & Bolden, B. (2019, July). Enhancing creativity in the arts classroom through assessment for learning. Presentation at the International Society for Education through Art world congress, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kukkonen, T. (2018, May). Connecting the dots: A cross-case exploration of arts partnership brokering in rural Canada. Presentation at the graduate symposium of the Canadian Society for Education through Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Kukkonen, T., & Cooper, A. (2017, October). Building bridges through the Arts: An arts-based knowledge translation (ABKT) planning framework for researchers. Paper presentation at the national conference of the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning, Ottawa, Ontario.





Tiina facilitates a variety of visual arts workshops. Past workshops include:

  • Block printing

  • Needle felting

  • Card-making

  • Painting & Drawing



Tiina has been an instructor, teaching assistant, and guest lecturer at the undergraduate level. She has taught courses in visual arts for teacher candidates at Queen's University and has supervised ECE student teachers in their placement settings.



Tiina has taught visual arts to children and teens in both community and school environments. She has worked full-time as a high school arts teacher and has held several contract positions as an arts instructor.





November & December 2020

I'll be hosting two physically-distanced workshops at the Tett Centre in Kingston this fall. The first is a drawing workshop on November 14th focusing on an old favourite method of mine: reverse drawing (white pencil on black paper). The second, on December 5th, will be a beginner's needle-felting workshop. For more info, click on the links below!



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Spring/Summer 2019

It's been a cold start to the summer but the life of a PhD candidate never cools down. I just got a notification informing me that one of my articles was in the top 20 most downloaded for 2017-18. It will remain open access from now until July: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/jade.12116

I'm also looking forward to presenting and networking at the InSEA conference in Vancouver next month, as well as participating in the arts-based emergent PhD exhibit at UBC.

Keeping up with my art practice has been a struggle lately. It's always hard wearing so many hats. But my work will be on display at the Tett Centre in Kingston again from June 18-30 as part of the Tett Tuesday group show! Check it out if you can!



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